The Pedigree Book

Starting in 1858, the Finnish House of Nobility has regularly published a pedigree book of the knighthood and nobility in Finland, which is commonly known simply as the Pedigree Book (Adelskalendern). The book is published every three years, and it comprises information on all surviving noble families and their members.

The currency and accuracy of the Pedigree Book is guaranteed by the diligent research carried out by the House’s Chief Genealogist as well as the active participation of the members of the noble families.

Since 2001, the coats of arms have been colour-printed in the Pedigree Book as they were drawn at the end of the 19th century. These beautiful escutcheons are printed at the beginning of the entries introducing the noble families.

According to the Pedigree Book, a total of 357 families have been introduced to the Finnish House of Nobility. Of these families living in Finland, 137 families are patrilineal, while only 6 families are matrilineal. Of the 137 surviving families, 3 lineages descend from a Greve (count), 22 from a Friherre (baron), and 112 from untitled nobles. In all, the Pedigree Book includes information on 174 families.

Ättartavlor – constantly updated

The Ättartavlor series, edited by Tor Carpelan, was published in 1942–1965. The series includes the pedigrees of the noble families in the Pedigree Book of the Finnish House of Nobility. The works are based on the oldest pedigrees recorded at the House of Nobility, from the first known ancestor of the family to the present day.

The pedigrees are constantly updated, and research into the pedigrees is directed by Chief Genealogist, Johanna Aminoff-Winberg. The five-part series have been published during 2017-2022 – Ättartavlor I A–D (2017), II E–H (2018), III I–P (2019), IV Q-S (2021) and V T-Ö (2022). The fifth part, T-Ö was published 29.11.2022.

Publications for sale

Adelskalendern (the Pedigree Book) is published every three years, with the most recent edition published in 2021. You can also purchase previous issues of Adelskalendern from 2021, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

Books included in the Ättartavlor för de på Finlands Riddarhus inskrivna ätterna series (ed. by Johanna Aminoff-Winberg) are now published in revised and updated editions. All five parts of the series have been published.

Adeln och dess hus (ed. by Johanna Aminoff-Winberg, 2013). This book was published on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the building of the House of Nobility. The book describes the origins of the Finnish House of Nobility both as an institution and as a building. It also provides information about the operations of the Diet of the Estates, genealogy, charity work and glorious balls held at the House.

Gentes Finlandiae I–X was published in 1966–2007. Parts VI and VII are sold out. Tables of Contents can be accessed here (pdf).

Georg Theodor Polychron Chiewitz 1815–1862:” innovatiivinen arkkitehtuurin ja rakentamisen monitaituri. Toimi Suomessa ja Ruotsissa” (2009). Only available in Finnish.

The publications are also available in well-stocked bookstores. Inquiries about the purchase (prices, delivery) can be directed to

Vårt Riddarhus - Ritarihuoneemme – a periodical for noble families

The House of Nobility has published a periodical called Vårt Riddarhus - Ritarihuoneemme (‘Our House of Nobility’) since 2018. The periodical includes information about the operations of the House as well as articles on the cultural heritage of the knighthood and the nobility.

The periodical is published once a year and delivered to all members of the nobility in Finland. You can access some of the articles on the front page.

Classified ads can be published in the periodical. If you wish to learn more, please be in touch with the Chancellor Johan von Knorring by phone +358 10 411 7265 or by e-mail