Our activities

The House of Nobility fosters our cultural heritage

The House of Nobility was originally constructed as a place of assembly for the Finnish nobility, which at the time was a highly influential political estate. Today, the nobility has lost its political significance, and its economic privileges are long gone. Nevertheless, the House of Nobility continues to be devoted to its mission to preserve valuable historical documents and living cultural heritage. The mission of the House is to serve both scholars and citizens with an interest in history, and to benefit the members of the public and the noble families alike.


Genealogical research is one of the most important activities of the House of Nobility. The House is in possession of the personal information of all Finnish noblemen since the Middle Ages. The Chief Genealogist is responsible for constantly updating the pedigrees and coordinating the research and publication activities at the House of Nobility.

Maintenance of the building and the collections

Other central tasks of the House include the maintenance of the building and the curating of the historically valuable collections of books and documents. The House of Nobility carries the financial burden of the maintenance work entirely on its own. The archives of the House include various historical documents, such as a large collection of illuminated letters of patent, the oldest of which date back to the 16th century.


The House of Nobility funds its operations by renting out some of its premises. Office spaces are available for long-term lease, and the Assembly Hall can be rented on a short-term basis for gala events, concerts and other functions.